Effective October 1, 2018, all applications to DCJS must be completed via
their online system. DCJS will no longer accept paper copies of your
application, and all paper copies mailed to them will be returned to you.

Sound complicated? Yeah, we though so, too. So we came up with a
solution. Starting October 1, we can submit your application for you! For
the low price of $20 (plus all applicable DCJS fees), we will set up your
online account and complete the registration process for you.

Download the paperwork
here or by clicking on the link below. Fill
everything out in it's entirety, then send it back to us. All of the instructions
are listed in the paperwork. Then you sit back and wait for your DCJS card
to come in the mail. Easy!

DCJS Application Paperwork (Document)

Still want to do it yourself? You can go to the DCJS website and set up your
account and proceed with the application process. Just as a warning,
though - if you get partially through the process and have questions, you'll
need to contact DCJS directly. We can't help you with your account once
the process has been started. Click the link below to set up your account
with DCJS.

DCJS Online Regulatory Licensing System
VA DCJS 88-1110
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