Handgun Training
Non-Security Officers
Classroom for firearm training includes criminal and civil liability,
proper care of weapon, range safety, weapon retention are just a
few of the areas that are covered in this class.  Two days for
classroom with the third day devoted to range qualification including
low-level light familiarization.  

Recertification for this category
must be completed every year.
Entry Level Firearms (07E)

This class runs Friday and Saturday

Class Times: 8:30 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. both days

Range qualification will be held on Sunday starting at 5:00 p.m.

16 Hours Plus Range Time

Prepay Cost: $100.00
For more info about prepaying for training, click here.

Day of Cost: $125.00

All students are required to purchase ammunition from the range! Each
student will need 100 rounds to qualify.

January 15-17

February 12-14

March 12-14

April 16-18

May 7-9

June 11-13
Online Concealed Weapon Permit Class

All applications to DCJS must be submitted via the DCJS online
system. For more information on that process, click
Who needs this class? Anyone who wants to carry a handgun while
they're on duty for the following DCJS categories:

- Private Investigators

- Armored Car Personnel

- K9 Officers

- Locksmiths

- Alarm Respondents
VA DCJS 88-1110
The Smoking Gun
Class Date: