Concealed Weapon
In Virginia, you can now take the class to get your concealed weapon permit
(CWP) online!
A lot of places have jumped onto the bandwagon of offering online CWP classes. So,
you may be asking yourself: Why choose Security Operation Services over another
company? Here are just a few of the many things that separate us from the other
companies out there:

-We've been in business for over 30 years

-Our school is licensed by the Virginia Department of Criminal Justice Services

-Our program has been developed by industry professionals, giving you valuable
information about liability in using your firearm

-The instructors have over 100 years combined experience with firearms and firearm

-We're the only school that also has our own firing range! It doesn't get more
experienced than that!

Your class will cover information such as where you can and can't carry, handgun
safety, civil liability, and basic shooting fundamentals. This course meets all of the
requirements for the VA CWP application process!

Upon completion of the presentation and test, you will receive the official certificate to
take to the Circuit Court. We will also provide you with the link to the application for the
permit, and step-by-step instructions on what to do after you've completed the course!
Class Enrollment:

*If you don't have PayPal, give us a call
and we can take your payment over the
(804) 264-2235
(804) 520-6394
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A couple of things of note when you subscribe to the class:

-PayPal can be glitchy sometimes! You'll get three emails from them, two
saying you've paid, and one saying you've cancelled your subscription. Don't
worry! You can still get in to the class! PayPal can't tell the difference between
a subscription and a one-time purchase. You're
not cancelled and you won't
be charged monthly!

-It can take up to two hours to get your confirmation email once you've
subscribed. It depends on the back-log on the server. Don't fret. You can still
get into the class. If it's been more than a few hours, and you still don't have
the confirmation email, please
contact us and we'll see what the problem is!
The Smoking Gun
*This course is for the Virginia Concealed Weapon permit. While
many other states honor our permit, it is ultimately up to you to
determine the specific laws in each state. We are not responsible
for the laws in other states, and we are definitely not responsible
for you not doing your homework on a state before you go there!