New Entry Level Class Pricing
Beginning on January 1, 2017, the cost of our entry level security classes
will be increasing!

Don't worry, though - you can still get your training at the current rates by
prepaying for your training classes. All you need to do is pay for the class
up to the Wednesday before the training. You can pay for your training
several ways:

* Give us a call - we can accept all major credit cards over the phone.

* Come to
The Smoking Gun - someone there can get you registered for
the class and give you a receipt to show the instructor.

* Mail us a
registration form and money order - just make sure you leave
enough time for the post office to deliver it to us! Never send cash in the

* Via PayPal - you don't need a PayPal account to pay for the class. And
PayPal is totally secure!

See how easy it is to prepay for the training? Plus, prepaying for your class
will save you money!

Now you can prepay for your in-service/renewal training, too! While it won't
change the class fee, it will save you time. Plus, prepaying for a class
guarantees you'll have a seat, and helps us meet our required class size. If
you don't want to risk your registration expiring, prepaying is the way to go!

Important: if you prepay for your class and cannot make to the class you
signed up for, you
MUST call or email and reschedule your appointment no
later than
5:00 p.m. the Wednesday before the class. Failure to do so will
result in you losing your class fee. The fee will not be credited toward
another class. Class payments are nonrefundable unless we cancel the

*If you pay after 5:00 p.m. the day before the class, we might not see
your registration! We also cannot guarantee the class you're paying
for is running as planned. If you need to wait until the night before the
class to pay, you will run the risk of coming to the classroom to find
the class did not run. You can still wait until the night before to pay,
but the earlier you pay, the more informed we can keep you about the
class! Make sure you bring your receipt with you if you pay late and
don't receive a confirmation email from us.

This change does not affect companies that have a charge account with us!